Phil, Kelsey and Charleigh Vitillo

Kelsey and Phil are residents of the Jersey Shore area. They came across the Apogee Program through social media and immediately felt aligned with the Apogee mission. Kelsey, having 12+ years experience in education, found herself seeing a shift had happened in the school system knew she needed to make a change. Phil, knowing that the education system was broken from an early age, felt they found their calling to change the education game. Wanting more for young heroes, future generations and their daughter Charleigh, they decided to take a leap of faith and open up Apogee by the Sea.



“It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to

have tried to succeed.”

–Theodore Roosevelt-

We want to create:

An environment filled with laughter and joy.

An environment conducive to critical thinking.

An environment that is designed for learning.

One that is free from politics and propaganda.

One that is free from bias and tyranny.

One that is free from any external influence that would negatively affect the individual’s Journey of learning and how to think.

One that is safe.

A home away from home where every learner smiles at the thought of coming in, exploring, doing, and being.

Our job is to guide our learners to critically think on their own and have joy in doing it.

location to come!